Honor Scores


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Did you know if you bowl a 300 game or an 800 series you will receive a $100 Fox Bowl Gift Card?


Nick Misner 300

V.P. Men

T. J. Bajkowski 300 

V.P. Men

Jeff Bicek 813

V. I. P. Men

Edgar Burgos 808

"The" Friday Men

Jim Fritz 300

V.P. Men  

Bryan "B Fud" Thompson  822

Coldwell Banker Sportsmens

Matt Kuba 300  

Coldwell Banker Sportsmens  

Craig Szplett 300  

Coldwell Banker Sportsmens

Nick Kruml  300  803  

Columbia 300 Men   

Robby Brinkman  300  800

Columbia 300 Men  

Scott Westergren  300  

Columbia 300 Men  

Randy Goralewski 300   



A.J. Johnson 803

 Coldwell Banker Sportsmens 

Shawn Johnson 801

Coldwell Banker Sportsmens 

Bill Cree 300

 V.P. Men

Fraja Maggitt  300    813

Columbia 300 Men 

Tony Pezzulo  826

Columbia 300 Men

Rob Wells 300


Phil Ringe  300


Kieth Chapman  300 

"The" Friday Men

2017 - 2018 Season

Matt Belzey 300

Columbia 300 Men

Reid Steinbech 300

Yorktown Mixed

Nick Kruml  3 - 300's  

808 807

Columbia 300 Men

George Gervase 811

Mixed Foursomes

Chris Rank 811



"The" Friday Men

Marvin Boorsma 300

"The" Friday Men

Bobby Pezzulo 802

Columbia 300 Men

Jim Lowe 300

Columbia 300 Men

Craig Keith 300

Coldwell Banker Sportsmens

Ken Looper 814

"The" Friday Night Men

Ryan Kabara 300

Columbia 300 Men

Garrett Koukol 300

Columbia 300 Men

Ed Main 813


Amos Torres 2 - 300's

Friday Wrecks

Bill Fricke 300  -  802

"The" Friday Night Men

Jason Riha 300

"The" Friday Night Men

Kelly Schwinn 300


Ryan Uttech 300

Yorktown Mixed

Rob Mickolayck 802

Columbia 300 Men

Tim Johnson 300

Compass Church League

Gary Zarak 300

Coldwell Banker Sportsmens

Ron Sangiacomo 300  -  802

Villa Park Men

Tony Pezzulo 300  3 times

Columbia 300 Men

James Kufer 300


Columbia 300 Men

Matt Gohla 300

Columbia 300 Men

Tim Hyde 300


Emilio Holmes 300

"The" Friday Night Men

Seth Peterson 300

Columbia 300 Men

Rob Ringe 300

Columbia 300 Men

Steve Lambe 300

Columbia 300 Men

Rumualdo Najera 300

Yorktown Mixed

Tom Sims 300

Columbia 300 Men

Gregg Zicha 800

Columbia 300 Men

Lucas Kightlinger 300

Columbia 300 Men

Matt Kuba   299 - 803

Another young college bowling standout  (Calumet College of St. Joseph,) hits the lanes hard here at Fox Bowl. Joining his teammate Damon Horst in dominating the roll offs in the Monday $port$men$ League. Kuba rolled his way to victory in near perfect fashion with a 299 the last game to cap off the season, roll an 803 series and win the roll off! 

Damon "Nightstick" Horst    300

Damon has been a longtime bowler at Fox Bowl, and it has been a long time since he rolled his last 300 game, 20 years in fact. He also rolled his perfection on a demanding sport lane condition, in the Monday $port$men$ league championship roll offs. He waited for a big moment! Way to go Nightstick!!

Nathan Nadjek  300 - 809

Nathan lit up the lanes in the TNML League. the savvy bowler changed bowling balls during the night to maintain his striking pace. Well Done!

Congrats to William Rodriguez with a 300 and 835 series, Gregg Zicha with a 300 and 814 series, and Tony Pezzulo with a 300 and 808 series!

Steve Bowden 300 - 825

This is Steve's first season bowling here. He bowl's  with his Father in "The" Friday Men's League. Being a new bowler, Steve received a new ball as part of the Fox Bowl V.I.P. advantage. Well the new ball paid off  big time. Steve had no honor scores up until this point. Game 1 out of the box 300! Followed by stellar games of 278 and 247 for an 825 series. As Steve said that night "Kill 2 birds with 1 stone"

Josh Powell - 804

The Monday $port$men$ League has many of the top young talent in Chicago land rolling through the league. Josh Powell bowled for St. Ambrose in college. He has been enjoying his season in the Sportsmens league and has put together games of 299-259-246 for a nice 804 series. 

James Kufer 2 - 300 games

James has been toying with shooting a 300 all season in the TNML League. Many times with the front 9 or 10 strikes in a row. He finally got them all for his first 300 game at Fox Bowl. James got his gift card for $125.

 3/31/2017 James rolled his 2nd 300 game, and received an additional $62.50 on his gift card.

Bobby Pezzulo 300 Tony Pezzulo 823

A pretty cool night of bowling in the Columbia 300 Men's for the Pezzulo brothers. Bobby coming off an 800 series just 2 weeks ago continued his torrid pace with his 2nd 300 game. During the same game, younger brother Tony had the front 11, but gagged it off under the pressure of matching his big brother, bowling 297.  Tony did add 2 games of 263, (yes, 2 games of 263, right?) for an 823 series. Both Momma and Pops Pezzulo were there to watch the brothers tear up the lanes. Both received more money for their gift cards. $62.50 each.

Jerry Appleton 300

As a long time Fox Bowler, I'm sure Jerry has been waiting for this day. Hitting all 12 strikes for that 300 game.  Wednesday March 1st was that day in the Columbia 300 men league. Congrats on your gift card for $125 and your first 300 Jerry!

Kieth Splitberger 832

WOW! The big scores continue as Kieth Splitberger of the TNML League rolls an 832. His first and only 800 award came with room to spare. Striking every time he hit the pocket. Only a 6 sapre 2, 7 spares and an 8 spare away from an even bigger set. Kieth does get his Gift card for $125

Bobby Pezzulo 812.

The eldest Pezzulo brother gets his name in the headlines for a change. Bobby gets his stuff together with games of 269-277-266 for his 812 in the Columbia 300 (C 300) Mens League, and shoots his 2nd 800 series of his career with a Columbia 300 Raw Urge! The cool thing is an Honor score in the C 300 league with a C 300 ball = a brand new C 300 Ball!

Jacob Bauman 300 Game! 

Bowling in the Pepsi Zone tournament here Jacob turned in an amazing performance. games of 256-268-230-300 for a 1054 series. Of course the icing on the cake was the 300 Perfecto to cap off the great tournament performance. Go get 'em at State Jacob!

Matt Belzey

Long time Fox Bowl counter worker finally breaks through! He was unbelievably consistent, normally good for the highs and lows, today was all high! Games of 277-277-254 pushed Scatacus to his all time high series of 808. He gets a gift card for $125 for the award score.

Ryan Kieth of the Coldwell Banker Sportsmens shoots a 300 game for the 2nd time this season. The cool thing is, this is on tournament type lane conditions! Not your typical house shot. Ryan recieved $62.50 for his 2nd 300 game of the season.

The Columbia 300 Mens League keeps pumping out the scores! Congratulations Clint Parchem on a nice 826 series! Games of 269-278-279 vaulted him to his highest series! Clint a product of Fox Bowl Junior leagues got his Track Paradox at the Fox Pro Shop. He also got his Gift Card for $125!

The TNML League on Thursday is not necessarily known for big scores, but Dave Lenart rolled the 2nd  800 series of this season. Clean games of 277-269-256 got his 802 series. Dave did receive a Gift Card for $125!

Rick Gonzalez

 of the Mixed Company League pulled out a Black Widow Legend ball he bought from the Fox Pro Shop. It was just the 3rd time he used it and shot his first 300 Game! Amazingly he finished with 20 strikes in a row and a 764 series. Way to Go! Rick got a gift card for $125!

Ron Sangiacomo

 rolls 300 in the Villa Park Mens League and earns $125 Gift card! Here is a neat little story attached to the 300 game, this is from Ron's Facebook.          "So I walk into Fox Bowl last night and Michael Nape says to me, "Hey Ron, congratulations on the 300 you are going to bowl tonight." 2 short hours later...it's in the books. Nice call Mike. How about that!


Tony Pezzulo

Yes he works here, yes Tony is a great bowler. In fact he has 2 300 games this season! Both in the Columbia 300 Men's league. He did receive $187.50 for his great bowling.

Rob Ringe

Congratulations Rob of the Columbia 300 Men. He rolled his 10th 300 game and got his $125 gift card.Very nice!

 Kevin "K B" Boyles 

No, it's not a repeat,KB does it again!   803 in the Columbia 300 Mens League. 

His 2nd 800 series of the season. What can you say except Congratulations! Oh, yeah, here is another $62.50.

Congratulations Dan Lafser of the TNML League! 

His 1st 300 game and his 1st 800 series, an 812 series!
Wow! He received $187 Gift card for his efforts!

Trevor Gunther

YAY!!  Guntar rolled a BIG 848 series in the Columbia 300 Men's league! 290-279-279.
Trevor received a Gift Card for $125


 rolls 300 in the Monday $port$men$ League On the Route 66 Kegel lane condition. This breaks the 30 mark in 300's for his young career. Fox Bowl is home to his first 300 game as a 14 year old in the Travel League. He did receive a gift card for $125. Many more to come, Good Luck on the P.B.A. Tour A.J.!

Congratulations Lucas " The former Stella's Pizza worker"  Kightlinger on your 1st Sanctioned 300 game, in "The" Friday Night Mens league. 

 Way to Go! For his perfecto Lucas got a gift card to Fox Bowl for $125!!

300 Again at Fox Bowl! Nick Kruml, a highly talented  4 year Collegiate All American bowler at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater rolled 3 Bills 10/5/16 in the Columbia 300 Mens league. Nick got a gift card for $125 for his game.

BOOM! Another award score last night, 300 by our own counter guy Nathan Weimer! That's number 8 for him. He received $125 Gift Card for his perfecto. Nate "Dizzle" shot this in the Columbia 300 Mens League with a Mission Unknown drilled in the Fox Bowl Pro shop by Bill Rodriguez.

Congratulations to Jason Riha of "The" Friday Night Men for his 1st 300 September 23rd. Bill Rodriguez had just replaced Jason's finger grips in our Pro Shop. Jason was awarded a $125 gift card that he can use at our Pro Shop, Stella's Pizza and Pub, or the bowl.

Congratulations to Fox Bowl Manager Michael Nape for a nice 300 and 808 series bowled September 9th in "The" Friday Night Men! Mike used a Brunswick Danger Zone drilled right here at the Fox Bowl Pro Shop!

Way to Go Kevin Boyles! The first Honor score of the young 2016-2017 Fall Season! An awesome 816 series. Rolled in the Columbia 300 Mens league September 7th. Kevin received $100 Bonus for his accomplishment. 

Congrats to Steve Bilica on shooting his 9th 300 game this Summer in the Home Comfort Trio League he sponsors! Steve used a Brunswick Danger Zone drilled in the Fox Bowl Pro Shop. Great bowling Steve!!