Demo day: .  August 15 is the demo for Brunswick, DV8, & Radical

4:00 pm and finish around 9:00 pm.

We currently have 4 Hammer Demo balls available for use until the end of the month.


Welcome to the Fox Bowl Pro Shop - 630-690-7500

Home of Great Service and Great Equipment

One of the best bowling pro shops in Chicagoland. Fox Bowl Pro Shop features a full menu of ball fitting, drilling, surfacing, and refinishing services. Our staff is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the latest ball fitting, drilling, layouts and balancing techniques. From the beginning bowler to the serious competitor, we will assist you with ball selection and ensure a proper fit.

We carry a complete line of bowling balls, bags, totes, shoes and accessories from the finest manufacturers in the industry.  From entry level to the competitive through professional, we have the latest equipment at competitive prices to make your game the best it can be.

List of bowling product manufacturers:
Bowling shoes include   Dexter,   Brunswick shoes , KR Strikeforce shoes   &   Storm shoes
Bowling Balls & Bags include  Brunswick,  Columbia,   DV-B,   Ebonite,   Hammer,   Motiv,   Rotogrip,   KR Strikeforce,   Storm,   Track

Bowling Lessons with our Bowling Professionals

We are dedicated to helping everyone get the most out of their bowling experience. From private lessons to group clinics we use state-of-the-art video analysis software. We're always looking for ways to help everyone get the most out of their game. From the very young to the most senior bowlers we have a program to help you roll the best game you always wanted. Call now to schedule your first bowling lesson!


Gregg Zicha has Fox Bowl’s full time bowling instructor for the last 15 years. A Bowlers Journal Top 100 ranked coach, and 5 Star rated coach by his students.

He is a PBA Professional for over 20 years and a USBC Bronze level Certified Coach. He has rolled 55 perfect 300 games and 16 800 series.
He owns 2  PBA regional titles,  2 USBC Open Championships and is the  2009 Petersen Classic Champion.

member of the Suburban Windy City Bowling Association Hall of Fame and the Illinois State Bowling Hall of Fame.
With a client roster including PBA Champion bowlers, Team U.S.A. members,  to beginners. Gregg can coach all level bowlers to achieve success.

Michael Nape has been working at Fox Bowl for 25 years.  A PBA Professional for 13 years, and is the Head Women’s Bowling Coach at Elmhurst College.
He owns 12 Professional Bowlers Association Regional titles and 1 PBA National Resident Pro Championship Title.  300 games 18 times on the PBA. 

USBC Open National Team All-Events Championship in 2008.  From 2006-11, Nape was the USBC’s all-time average leader with a 216.86 and still in 3rd position on the 30 year list.

He bowled 81 perfect 300 games and has rolled an 800 series 28 times.
He holds 17 local bowling association titles.
A member of the Suburban Windy City Bowling Association Hall of Fame and the Illinois State Bowling Hall of Fame.
Bill Rodriguez (fondly called B-Rod) came on board with Fox Bowl in 2012. Bill's love of the game and his interest in the technical aspects of bowling equipment made him a perfect fit to manage the Fox Bowl Pro Shop.Bill officially became manager in 2015. Bill's knowledge has grown through technical education, seminars, and practical experience. He has been on staff with Ebonite since 2014.

Bill has rolled multiple 300 games & 800 series over his career including a whopping 835 rolled in the Wednesday Columbia 300 league. Previously Bill managed at Lawn Lanes in Chicago.


 Need more direction? 

Learn about one-on-one bowling lessons with Gregg Zicha. Gregg is available by appointment at 630-688-4685.  Call the Fox Bowl Pro Shop at 630-690-7500.  

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