Gregg Zicha Bio and Testimonials

Gregg Zicha is the full time instructor at Fox Bowl. He has provided bowling instruction to students of all ages and skill levels for over 30 years. Gregg uses the most current tools and techniques including: hands on instruction, drills, and video analysis. Whether you are just beginning, a high school/college bowler or preparing for your first PBA tournament, Gregg is committed to providing great instruction to every student.

•Over 30 years of coaching experience
•Bowlers Journal Top 100 U.S. Ranked Coach
•USBC Certified Coach
•Over 20 years of PBA competition experience

•2 PBA Titles
•2 USBC Open Championships
•2009 Petersen Classic Champion
•Illinois Bowling Hall of Fame
•Suburban Windy City Bowling Hall of Fame
•63 Perfect 300 Games
•14 800 Series




Well thank you for all what you have done for Tyler he was name player of the year.  Also he was named to the all conference team and named all tournament team.  Could of not done it with out you and your help!
Dave and Debbie Heintzelman

Greg has done a phenomenal job with reshaping my game following two very serious surgeries; the last one being a total knee replacement involving my slide leg. Greg likes to take the strengths of your game and make them better through continuous improvement and hard work. We all like to achieve instant results, but in bowling, coaching and making changes to one’s game is a process which needs to be understood and respected. Needless to say, my results have been very encouraging, including multiple SWC Association titles, an Illinois State Senior title, an Illinois State Team Handicap title, an 8th place finish in the 2014 PBA50 Super Senior national tournament and a 5th place finish in the recent PBA50 Kankakee Senior Regional tournament. My goal is to continue working hard and see how far we can go. Thanks Greg!

Gary Kammes

I would, without hesitation, recommend Gregg Zicha to any individual who is looking to improve their bowling skills. Gregg is extremely knowledgeable about the game, which he displays in a relaxed, friendly manner. Gregg does not apply a “one method fits all” approach to his coaching instead he builds upon my own particular strengths and suggests adjustments to optimize my abilities. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Gregg as he is always willing to share his bowling knowledge and is adept at explaining the game in layman’s terms. More importantly, Gregg clearly outlines the benefits I will see from implementing his recommendations and how it fits within the scope of achieving consistency in my bowling. In the time I been receiving lessons from Gregg I have noticed a marked improvement in my game, wherein, I can repeat shots with a smooth and relaxed delivery. Under Gregg’s tutelage I have recorded my personal high series of 799 and am anxiously waiting to achieve the elusive 800 series. Gregg Zicha would be an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their game!

Garrett Koukal

“Gregg is the #1 reason why I am on Junior Team USA 2012. His limitless knowledge about the game, along with the skills to enhance my physical game, really make him an outstanding coach. He relates to each individual student, and we make a great team while working to make me the best bowling I can be!”

Tyler Vostry, 2012 Junior Team USA Member

“I have been working with Gregg Zicha for a while now. There are a few things that separate him from the other coaches, one is that he keeps it very simple, another is that you can bowl very well right after a lesson. I have actually won a couple of tournaments the day after seeing Gregg for a lesson. He can help you with your physical game along with the mental game. The fact is Gregg is one of the few people that can help take you to the next level, even without actually throwing a ball. He makes the best out of what you are able to do. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Dale Nickos

When my daughter started to bowl competitively, I wanted to make sure she had the best possible coaching available. I took her to work with some well-known PBA professionals but they simply weren’t the best coaches. They were great players but they did not know how to translate their expertise while teaching the game to others. Gregg is different! He is a PBA pro but he is also a great coach. That means he can bowl at a professional level AND he knows how to teach bowling to others. PBA bowlers who have earned the Top 100 coaches are truly special individuals and Gregg has demonstrated his unique abilities since he became my daughter’s coach two years ago. Last year she was the national champion in her age group and she owes much of her success to the technical instruction and personal development she received from Gregg. He is truly a great teacher and also an outstanding role model for young adults as he promotes ethics, integrity, and sportsmanship to all of his students.

Ray Cummins- daughter Mabel

“Gregg is the best coach I have ever worked with. The time we have spent on the lanes during our lessons has been a positive experience. Gregg has helped me take my physical game, mental game, and overall knowledge of the game to the next level faster than I could have ever imagined.”

Brian Ciemnicki

“Gregg Zicha is the coach I go to when I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. His lessons are laid back and he is extremely easy to work with. He focuses on looking at what the bowler is doing correctly and praises them for that, and points out what you need to work on. He is patient, and makes lessons enjoyable. After one or two tune up lessons, I am at the top of my game. He points it out one or twice but then leaves it up to you to decide whether it was a good or bad shot. He however, will let you know when you throw a good shot, and your form was what he is lolling for, making the lesson a positive learning environment.”

Jonathon Heidler, Clarke University Collegiate Bowler

“Gregg is a great coach, not only has he helped me reach my potential in bowling for the past four years, but he has also helped me learn valuable life lessons which I apply today.”

Trevor Gunther

“I have been getting lessons from Gregg Zicha for over 15 years on and off. He is always there with encouraging words that seem to make the lessons run smooth. He has this knack of finding the small things in your game that are holding you back from being great. It never really feels too overwhelming and he makes sure you really understand what he is telling you before moving on to something else. It seems that I can go get a lesson for a long term fix or for a before tournament fix-er-up. I actually won the Fox VIP and the End of Year tournament right after a lesson. (and he doesn’t seem to mind repeating himself haha) Gregg makes bowling seem so effortless and I find myself watching him bowl to see how to be better. Gregg Zicha is a wonderful coach and I’m very glad to have him as a part of my bowling career.”

Jamie Unger

“245-279-257=781 league tonight! Thanks again – with Gregg Zicha”

Nestor Malab, via Facebook 11/9/2012

“227-279-237 in league tonight after a lesson with one of the best teachers! – with Gregg Zicha”

Nestor Malab, via Facebook 11/14/2012

“Thanks to the lessons provided by Gregg Zicha, I went from a wild, forceful bowler, to a more controlled, more accurate, and more consistent bowler. He makes adjustments, without completely changing your game. He makes if feel natural, and it paid big dividends. With this knowledge and technique passed onto me through these lessons, I was able to stay consistent with my game, which helped me get 11th at the Illinois High School State Tournament as an individual, giving me all-state honors.”

Corey TheHounds McReady

“I had a great bowling lesson with Gregg Zicha. When I started I was HORRIBLE. My ball would not go over the foul line during my release. I was muscling the ball a lot. That is a trait learned by most non pro bowlers. I had to go back for continuous lessons with Gregg before is sank in. Now I am a much better bowler because of Gregg and I appreciate all of his help.”

Paul Mardis

“The past three weeks, while I haven’t been scoring that good, have felt very good. Gregg’s instruction has me feeling like I am a lot better now than I was, I am throwing the ball much better, and I have developed a better feel for when things are going wrong and how to correct them.”

Vince DeFranco

“Hey Gregg, just wanted to update you. I went from a 193 average the first time we met, finishing at 211. Met a second time. Never averaged to 220 in my life. This summer I’m in three leagues. 221, 224, and 226. Ed Moores has complimented me on the change. Thanks for your help. Bowling is fun again.”

Ed Sutherland

“Really appreciate you help with my game. I finished 3rd today in WI. The changes have made me more consistent. Thanks again!”

Rochelle Blake

“In 2009 my bowling career took a 180 degree turn. I started working with Gregg during my senior year and I consider myself beyond blessed. He tore my game down, and with video analysis I was able to see exactly what I was doing wrong and right. My average has gone up 30+ pins since working with Gregg. Not only have I gained talent, but a stronger mental game, and a life time friend.”

Tyler Harju

“Gregg is an excellent coach! He’s very professional, extremely patient, easily recognizes your problem areas, and then teaches you how to correct them. I was amazed at how quickly my average began to climb with his help. I would highly recommend Gregg to anyone looking to improve their bowling skills.”


“Gregg Zicha is an exceptional bowling coach. He’s very patient, extremely knowledgeable, can spot problem areas immediately, and then teach you how to correct them. I’m amazed at how much my game has improved with his help. I would highly recommend Gregg to anyone wishing to enhance their bowling skills.”


I’m so glad to have taken Gregg Zicha’s training session’s at Fox Bowl in Wheaton Illinois. I found his expert guidance took my game up to a new level and game me the confidence needed to achieve higher scores and average. Refresher course’s have helped me break slumps that I’ve gotten into at times. If your serious about in improving your skills Gregg Zicha is the coach you want to get with.

Billy Gottschalk